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Lenders Who Confuse Credit Rescoring and Credit Repair Could be Violating ...
National Mortgage Professional Magazine
Some lenders have issued restrictions regarding the use of credit rescoring by mortgage originators, confusing the service with credit repair schemes. These lenders do not have a clear understanding of the major differences in the two programs and this ...
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Credit-Repair Scammers Hit With $7.4 Million Penalty, Continued To Break Law
The Consumerist
I don't know about you, but if I'm running a scammy business and get hit with a $7.4 million penalty from the federal government, I'm at least going to think twice about running the same scam again. And yet, a Florida couple completely disregarded ...
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The Consumerist
Can't afford your timeshare? How to dump it
Still living off credit cards? Can't figure out how much you could or should spend? Need to save for retirement? Deborah McNaughton, a Brea credit expert, financial coach and author of "The Essential Credit Repair Handbook," is here to provide her ...
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Your Christmas Credit
Florida Times-Union (blog)
For general tips on do-it-yourself credit repair (for free), visit the Federal Trade Commission website at And if you are looking to buy a house (even if you have just lost a house to foreclosure), there are local credit counseling ...
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Ways to Deal with Debt and Credit Repair
SBWire (press release)
All sorts of people across the country are deeply in debt. Most likely, the next-door neighbor is one of them. It's tough handling both debt and credit repair at once, but it can be done. The following will provide information about ways to do it that ...
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Free Credit Repair Help with Best Credit Repair Companies
SBWire (press release)
Whatever the reason for a financial setback, if one's credit has suffered because of it, the following will provide some insight about how to get free credit repair help as easily as possible. Forward · Print · Save. Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29 ...
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Personal Credit Card Debt Rises During Third Quarter Reports Credit Repair Jet
SBWire (press release)
Credit Repair Jet ( is a blog site devoted to providing information regarding consumer credit repair. They offer tips and solutions on how to repair credit, as well as offering links to companies and services that can ...
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How to Repair Your Credit Score: Fix Your Credit Score Yourself
SBWire (press release)
Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- If answering the question of how to repair your credit score yourself, know that there are several steps to the procedure, but it can be done. The most important, and thereby the first, step is to obtain a copy ...
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Credit Repair Companies in Birmingham | Team USA Credit Repair
Credit Repair in Birmingham, Alabama has become very popular since the recession hit in 2008! Credit Repair in Birmingham is needed as much as anywhere ...
Credit Repair and Giving — How to Make Your Gift Count ...
Finding the perfect gift for your relative or friend can be challenging. Useful presents are often the best.
Four Steps to Avoid Credit Repair Scams
Read our Four Steps to Avoid Credit Repair Scams, knowing what services these companies are providing is very important before you pay them a dime.
Re: My Credit Repair Journal - Page 2 - myFICO® Forums
Nothing is better than a current account to GW on I don't think. It's harder to GW an account you half paid in settlement then it is a current positive account.
Things You Must Know About Credit Repair | Gold and Precious ...
Things You Must Know About Credit Repair. Friday, November 30, 2012 4:10. % of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents. Share. Tweet. 0 ...

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