Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kompozer video tutorials | Kompozer for newbies

kompozer video tutorials 

I needed help with HTML because i want to learn how to make my own websites, i am on a very limited budget and can't afford very expensive tools. i found a very affordable solution at a website called Kompozer 4 Newbies, you can click this link to get to the site

Nothing can beat the professional look of a "real website" and you'll be shown quickly and simply how to build it from scratch.  Plus you'll also be shown the short-cut route of using templates to get you going much quicker.

And when you know how to build a real website you can apply that knowledge to put together much more professional looking eBay listings and attractive blog posts.

It has 9 video lessons and After just the first five videos you will be able to create your first website, it really is that simple.  Then the following videos will give you an introduction to "CSS" so you will be able to manage your site (and any website templates you download in the future) much more professionally.

If you've ever composed a letter on your computer with Microsoft Word for instance, or if you have used a blogging tool such as Word Press or Blogger then you already have a great head-start.

You really don't have to worry about the jargon being "over your head" or about being bogged down with "techno-babble".  Instead you can soon be delighting in your very own website creation.  

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Kompozer For Newbies | video tutorials

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