Friday, August 19, 2011

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News7 new results for credit repair Expands Credit Repair Leads Division to Include Live ... (press release)
Cranford, NJ, August 19, 2011 --(, a leader in lead generation for the credit repair industry, has officially launched their live transfer credit repair leads program today. Previously, was focused on ...
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A Consumer Credit Score And Bad Credit History Repair–Consumers May Get More ...
Red, White, and Blue Press
... being denied a line of credit or optimal terms and conditions on certain types of credit, are in a position where they can better begin to repair their credit history, which many feel should be the focal point of a consumers financial repair goals. ...
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Single middle-aged women 'could be most in need of credit repair'
Vanquis Bank
Middle-aged single women on low incomes could be looking to improve their credit rating, as figures suggest they are the most likely group to be struggling to pay off their mortgages and other essential bills. The majority of people seeking debt advice ...
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Brits 'should check credit small print'
Vanquis Bank
Britons looking to repair their credit rating by seeking a credit card or loan are being advised to check the small print before making a decision. When taking out "any form of credit", Liz Dunscombe, director of partnership development at Credit ...
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Researchers Discover Powerful 'Supercookies' on MSN, Hulu
... employing "history stealing," a tracking method that allows marketers to look into peoples' web histories to see if they have visited any of more than 1500 websites, some of them with sensitive subjects like fertility problems or credit repair. ...
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Switching energy providers 'saves money'
Vanquis Bank
When looking to repair bad credit, switching energy providers could help save money in the long term, creating a healthier bank balance, according to an expert. While energy providers are increasing their prices dramatically, inflation is threatening ...
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Four indicted in $13M mortgage scam
The indictment says the defendants promised the sellers that they could continue to live in the house as a renter and then buy the property back after American Equity Group helped them repair their credit. But instead of helping the homeowners, ...
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How I can about credit repair business?Credit Cards For Bad Credit ...
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