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Credit fraud, credit repair two different challenges
The Spokesman Review
Just when he felt he was back on track, he discovered some incorrect information on his credit report dating back more than three years. He also had some repair work to do. Credit fraud and credit repair, although not on the same level of loss and ...
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Payday lending undermines Texas
Bottom line: the industry is refusing to back away from predatory 500 percent percent interest rates and a statutory loophole that permits them to evade lending laws and, instead, operate as free-wheeling "credit repair" businesses. ...
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Real Estate Notes
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Workshops will be held on first-time homebuyer mortgage programs, working with real estate agents, credit repair, housing construction, home inspections, refinancing, loan restructuring, and reverse mortgages. • A warehouse on two acres at 3089 ...
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Bankruptcy After Credit Repair - What Can Be Done?
The feeling of bankruptcy can be a massive financial setback. However, not all hope is lost and you still have options to get your life back on track.
Credit Repair Expert from speaks about legally repair your credit reports.For credit repair services visit us at http://www ...
eCreditAttorney « | Credit Repair Report Reviews
The Better Business Bureau claims that "Complaints contain a pattern of serious allegations that the company does not provide the credit repair services ...
Credit Repair Techniques - Part 2 of 3
Credit Repair Techniques - Part 2 of 3 Now that you have ordered your credit reports and mailed in your dispute forms lets go on to the next step in the ...

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